I have been away for the past few weeks, and I totally neglected my blog with posting some outfits, but now I’m here – ready to blog again.

The denim (jean) jacket – which was the most worn thing in the 90’s  – is making a serious comeback this season. Now it’s a cool and casual wardrobe basic,  and it’s also the perfect transitional piece. It looks just as great paired with flirty dresses as many do, with the most casual tees and leggings.

I know I’ve worn this white maxi dress in some of the previous posts, but what can I do – It’s my favourite piece this season. I also wear  my precious Shamballa bracelet, and I’ve just searched the meaning of the white one, and it’s all true. White or clear is considered to be the color of perfection bringing clarity and purity, increasing the flow of the life force. Hit to the point!


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