Today the weather is finally sunny and spring is a joyful season, so I decided to make a little journey with one friend from my neighbourhood – to the hippodrome, a very peaceful and relaxing place, where you can see a lot of beautiful horses, sometimes an unpredictable  and fun horse racing and some other stuff. In general, I haven’t been there for a while, so  I  had a great day!

The outfit  I wore today is one of the most comfortable combinations I have ever worn. It concludes a maxi long black skirt, black and quite opened front part of the blouse and I also put some gold accessories on me. The ballet flats have a gold cap – toe on the front.
Actually, I’m a retro girl, as you know!

And when I’m at the retro stuff, I gotta say that not everyone can be retro, it has to match your personality,but if you feel that this fashion style can fit into your wardrobe than you don’t have to wait for a famous designer to state that you have to dress vintage one season or another, you just have to buy the right pair of big sunglasses, a pleated skirt, a polka dot dress or a nice pair of flared trousers. These and many other items are the distinguishing elements of the retro style.

Hope you’ll like it 🙂


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